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Five Card Draw is a card game currently available for Android devices. If you have Android market installed on your phone you can obtain the free version here and the full version here for $2.99.

If you don't have Android market installed you can find the free version here and the full version here.

You can create a user account for the website through the game. Thanks for your support and have fun!


Q. How many players can I upload to the site?

A. You have 3 slots at a time, just like you have within the game. If you upload your character and then delete him/her in-game and use that empty slot to create a new character, when you upload that new character it will write over your old character on the website. I did it this way so that the server doesn't get bogged down with characters that nobody plays anymore. So fair warning: if you want to maintain your score on the website make sure not to use that player-slot for anything else in-game.

Q. I took out a loan, sold some items and jumped into several games, won some cash on the first round, and then left. How come my daily earnings is still $0?

A. This is by design. Daily earnings strictly covers how much you win (or lose) through completed games only. This is to discourage players from creating a whole bunch of characters and jumping into games then going all-in on the first round hoping to win. Of course you can do that all you like, but your daily earnings will only reflect the end result of your completed games that day.

Likewise taking loans and selling items does not count towards earnings, since you'll need to pay those loans back with interest and not everybody has access to items.

Q. I can't login to the website even though the username and password fields get auto-filled. What gives?

A. Did you change your password within the game? If so, the website cookie still remembers your old password, and you will need to manually delete it and type in your new password before it remembers you again.

Got a question that's not addressed here? Please submit it via the main page or email me at sundown@superfivecard.com.

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