Chao the Unbeatable

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Cash: $348,478,255
Chg: $0
Chips: $0
Rank: 25
Day: 31

Five Card Draw (Singleplayer)

Games Won:19
Games Lost:11
Games Won %:63.33%
Games Abandoned:0
Hands Won:593
Hands Lost:1108
Hands Won %:34.86%
Hands Folded:838
All Ins:69
Cards Traded:2471
Largest Bet:$69,000,000
Largest Raise:$103,000,000
Largest Pot Won:$180,000,000
Largest Loss:$10,500,000
Total Cash Won: $346,336,380
Best Hand:4 OF A KIND
Defeated Players:61

Five Card Draw (Multiplayer)

Games Won:
Games Lost:
Games Won %: 0.00%
Games Abandoned:
Hands Won:
Hands Lost:
Hands Won %: 0.00%
Hands Folded:
All Ins:
Cards Traded:
Largest Bet:$0
Largest Raise:$0
Largest Pot Won:$0
Largest Loss:$0
Total Chips Won: $0
Best Hand:
Defeated Players:
Points This Week:
Points This Season:0

Texas Holdem

Games Won:3
Games Lost:0
Games Won %:100.00%
Games Abandoned:0
Hands Won:158
Hands Lost:180
Hands Won %:46.75%
Hands Folded:101
All Ins:4
Largest Bet:$100,000
Largest Raise:$200,000
Largest Pot Won:$800,000
Largest Loss:$300,000
Total Cash Won: $2,502,000
Best Hand:4 OF A KIND
Defeated Players:6


Hands Played:0
Hands Won:0
Rating: 0.00%
Double Blackjacks:0
Cash Won: $0


Jackson St:0
Stray Cat Pub:0
McCarran International:0
The Red Joker:0
High Desert State Prison:0
Neon Grove:2
Mojave Burbs:2
Gold Rush:0
The Lower Strip
Freemont St:4
First Star:0
Bad Hand Murphy's:0
Golden Palm:3
Regent Spade:0
Dive In Me:0
Suite 237:4
Baxter's Funhouse:0
Midnite Rambler:0
Temple Of Zeus:1
Rusty Bear Saloon:0
All Or Nothing:4
Wild Streets:0
Snake Eyes Lounge:1
The Upper Hand:1
Vegas Mainframe:4
The Upper Strip
Ruby Room:0
King's Court:2
Serenity Bell:0
Live For Today:2
Kingdom Come:0
High Society:0
The Treasure Room:0
Wishing Well:3
The Freedom Bird:
Imperial Drag:
Bad Manor:
Mazzy Star:
Pharoah's Party:
Golden Ceiling:


Loans Taken:0
Largest Debt Paid:$625
Bounties Claimed:0
Defeated Players:61
Peak of Fame:Unbeatable
Retired As:Philanthropist
Total Score:274
Retired With:$348828255
Perfect Games:3
Current Winning Streak:1
Longest Winning Streak:4

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